Taxpayers, especially those linked with small and medium enterprises, are being warned of the ‘bombs’ that the Australian Taxation Office are set to release soon.
The tax office have a recently legislated right to inform privately owned credit bureaus of the fact that a person/enterprise owes tax. Once this has occurred, the taxpayer will not be able to obtain a loan from a bank or most financial providers, obtain a credit card, run a business, buy a house, or rent a premises for the next 5 to 10 years.
The taxpayer will receive a letter titled ‘Act now or your tax debt will be reported to credit reporting bureaus’. If this occurs the taxpayer can do one of two things to prevent being reported:
– Start negotiations as the tax ‘bomb’ cannot be dropped during negotiations; or
– Report the matter to the Inspector General of Taxation via their website.
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(Watch out! Tax office bombs are about to drop (