Restraining Orders

Dear George,

I appreciate your efforts in objecting to an application to restrain me by way of a Misconduct Restraining Order (“MRO”). After hearing my version of events, you made it clear that a court should dismiss the application against me given that the application was baseless.

The ordeal was very stressful for me since an MRO would indicate to those in my small ethnic community that I am a person of low reputation. The community would believe that I had acted in a way which was contrary to my Islamic faith, this clearly was not the case.

As you know, English is not my first language but I appreciate that you catered for me by taking the time to ensure everything was interpreted for me at all the hearings.

True to your word, justice was served and with your expertise in cross examination it brought out the truth in the matter. I am also grateful that you sought costs and, although costs are not usually awarded, they were awarded to me at the end of trial.

Thank you very much, I will always recommend you to anyone in need of your services.