Criminal Law – Trial

In 2013 I was charged with a criminal offence. I engaged a lawyer that was recommended to me and spent two years under extreme stress, not knowing why I had been charged with the offences and attending court on numerous occasions just to have the case postponed. My lawyer would give me no answers and told me that my only option was to go to trial. They demanded $200,000.00 to prepare the case and attend the trial. Going to trial is where the money is for a lawyer. I had never been charged with any offence before so I accepted what I was told.

In 2015 I met with George Papamihail. I told him I had not committed any crime and he agreed to look at the case against me. Within a week of my meeting with George he had assessed the evidence used to charge me and agreed that the charges were unfair and that there was no evidence against me. George explained that there was no need to go to trial and wrote to the prosecutor outlining his thoughts on the evidence. The charge against me was dropped. I hope I never have to use George again but I would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in a position that they need a lawyer.