Employment Law and Misconduct Hearings

“When my former employer decided to investigate me for misconduct it was an extremely stressful time of my life. Everyone I spoke to made me believe that I was wrong and I would be facing criminal charges. That all changed once I spoke about my case with George. George has a wealth of knowledge and did not stop fighting for me at every stop. At the end of the day, the case against me was dropped and I am relieved that I had George Papamihail Barristers & Solicitors on my side throughout this ordeal ”


Family Law and Child Custody

Dear George,

I sincerely appreciate your service in assisting to settle my child related matter by way of court ordered mediation. As a result, we have an amicable arrangement whereby I have custody of my son, he remains in contact with his mother but there is an injunction in place to prevent her from abusing him. As you recall from the beginning, I wanted my son to maintain a relationship with his mother and for that relationship to be as best as it could be given that I didn’t want him to sever the relationship or grow to resent his mum. I do however want his experiences in life to be positive for him to develop into a confident young man with good values.

At the point I engaged you to represent me, I was unsure whether I would be granted custody since the documents filed against me by my now ex-wife were to the effect that I had no interest in my son. Although this was plainly wrong, her statements were founded on the fact I worked away for, at times, long periods due to my FIFO role. My now ex-wife’s statements against me formed a basis of an onerous task on you to help me disprove a series of mistruths.

Thanks also for understanding my reasons for fleeing Australia with my son to Vietnam. In hindsight, that was akin to a circumstance ordinarily read from pages of a fictitious novel. While I was living that reality, it seemed you and your firm were the only people on my side – even child welfare authorities didn’t believe the allegations against my now ex-wife.

It all seems a distant memory and while I may never understand the motivations as to why my ex-wife physically abused our son, I realise it was somehow connected to a breakdown in our marriage. Fortunately, and with your assistance in this matter, we now have an amicable arrangement where I am confident that our shared parenting arrangements are in the best interests of our son.

I would gladly recommend your services to anyone in need of legal assistance.

Many thanks